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Relationships with Your Neighbors

How well do you know you neighbors? If you are like most, not at all! There are a numerous reasons why having a relationship with your neighbors can be beneficial to you and your home, but it is always hard taking that first step to introduce yourself to new people. In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we are outlining the benefits of creating relationships with your neighbors and a few ideas on how to acknowledge them this Valentine’s Day.

Why Create Relationships with Your Neighbors?

  • It can create local safety. Even if you don’t have a local neighborhood watch, if you know you neighbors enough to say hello, know their car as it drives up the street and who their children are… you are also able to spot if something is off and feel more comfortable reporting it to either the neighbor or the authorities. Also, if you build enough of a relationship, you can feel confident leaving your home for vacations knowing you have a smaller likelihood that your home will be a victim of vandalism and can rely on someone to water your plants.
  • You can create a safe spot for a spare key. What thief doesn’t know that under the mat or potted plant hides the key to your private home? If you know and trust your neighbors, you can keep your home less penetrable but still give yourself a backup plan in case of emergency. Also, these trusted neighbors can pick up your mail or feed your pet when you are away on vacation.
  • It creates a sense of community that was once so highly valued in American society. By having a community where people not only coexist but also collaborate in a friendly local atmosphere that opens the doors for BBQs, parties, kid playdates, and so much more. By being closer to your neighborhood, it makes your house feel like more of a home.
  • You can reach out for neighborly help. More and more people are less reliant on the kindness of others when they are in need, but that doesn’t mean your neighbors don’t want to help when you need it. If you know your neighbors you are more comfortable to reach out to them for a cup of sugar, to borrow their lawnmower, or catch a ride to the market.
  • You can avoid some of the unpleasantness of challenges that come up naturally when people live in close proximity to one another. Whether it is a loud party, a yappy dog, or a tree branch encroaching on your property, you can rest assured that things will reach a quick and beneficial resolution because you have created a pre-existing relationship.
  • You can make new friends. What may start out as a neighborly hello can turn into a conversation of similar interests. The benefits of having a good friend a stone’s throw away is incomparable.

Valentine’s Ideas for Cultivating Relationships with your Neighbors

  • Homemade treats – cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and brownies.
  • Hot chocolate kit with mug
  • S’more’s Kit – Graham cracker, chocolates, and marshmallow
  • Mason jar cocktail gift – mason jar, mini-shot of choice alcohol, mixer (like can of soda)
  • Keep with the classics: flowers, chocolates, and a card

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