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Home Security

You have bought your dream home and settled in. You have made the small renovations and painted the rooms to your exact liking. Now you sit back, relax, have backyard barbeques and enjoy the biggest purchase of your life. Then the worst happens, there’s a break in, your things are stolen, your home vandalized. Not only has your investment been tainted, but you don’t feel safe. Follow some of these simple home security tips to keep your home and family safe.

  1. Keep your windows and doors locked while you are away and at night. If at night you keep them open for coolness, be sure to place a rod or shortened broom handle in your window jamb to prevent the window from opening far enough to let an adult body through.
  2. Know your neighbors. If you are friendly with your neighbors enough to know their names and say hi in the driveway, they are more likely to call the police if they see anything suspicious around your home like a strange person peering in your windows or jumping over fences.
  3. Get a security system. This can be pricy and range from different packages, but can certainly put your mind at ease. However, if you can’t fit that in your budget, get a sign from a security company and place it in your front window. A thief will certainly think twice from entering a home if they think they are protected with a service.
  4. Keep your yards, both front and back, well maintained, uncluttered, and clear. A burglar will consider homes to break into if they have an easy escape route or can easily be concealed. Try not to have too many shrubs to hide behind, or even plant a few thorny bushes or rose patches that will deter a thief.
  5. Install light sensors outside. There is no more powerful thing than light. If someone is trying to sneak up on your home, they will certainly be surprised when they are suddenly illuminated in light. These tend to be inexpensive and easy to install.
  6. Keep garage door shut when not at home. Your garage shows a lot on what type of inventory you may keep inside, not to mention it tends to be an easy way in. Make sure that if you are out of town, that you also keep it locked up.
  7. Keep your valuables out of the master bedroom. Most thieves will head straight to the master bedroom for the cash and jewelry as they are easy to conceal and carry. Instead, hide your valuables in a child’s room or the freezer.
  8. When on vacation, take precautions. If it is a neighbor to check your mail, a time sensor for lights at night, or even keeping a small radio on at entrances, a burglar is less likely to invade a home if someone is present.
  9. Ask for a Police Inventory of your Home. Most police departments offer free inspections of your home that will have an officer evaluate your home and make suggestions on how to make your home more secure.

Your home is your sanctuary, be sure to take simple precautions to keep your things and your loved ones safe with our home security tips.

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