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Relocating to Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

There are many reasons a person may choose to relocate their home to another city, state or across the country. If it is for a new job, change in financial situation, growth in family or retirement, if you are relocating to Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, this is the article for you.

Tips for Efficiently and Inexpensively Relocating to Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

  • Start hoarding packing supplies immediately. Ask friends/family that have recently moved to save their boxes and give them to you. Waiting until the last minute for your supplies, such as boxes, will result in you paying top dollar for items that you can get for free/low-cost during a time you can use as much cash in pocket as possible.
  • Don’t put off packing until the last minute. Create a packing timeline that will allow you to pack certain items over a period of time so you do not overwhelm yourself the week before the move. If you can, store items you don’t need in storage to give yourself a better eye of what needs to be done as the move draws near.
  • Ask for assistance. If you are relocating for your job, ask your employer if they provide any assistance to cover some of the cost.
  • Keep a box/tub for all your relocation supplies. Keep all tape, box cutters, labels, pens, etc in one place so you always know where they are located. This will ensure you don’t accidentally pack them away and give you a need to spend unneeded funds to replace them before the move.
  • Label ALL boxes. You will want to label each box with the room that they belong in as well as a short list as to what items are included in the box. This will ensure an efficient pack/move and unpack process and reduce the likelihood that you will give up searching for something when you arrive and just replacing it.
  • Clean as you go. This will help reduce the stress of cleaning the whole home once the packing is completed, avoid having to hire an expensive cleaning company, and help get your security deposit back if you are leaving a rental.
  • Toss the junk. If you haven’t used it in the past year trash it, donate it or sell it. Why pay to move it just for it to take up space in your new place and continue to be unused.
  • Get quotes from several different moving companies. This will include deciding if you will have a team pack for you or do it yourself. Select the correct size truck to avoid multiple trips. And comparing all the option’s prices.
  • If relocating a long distance, be sure to plan the trip across appropriately. Compare hotel rates, reach out to family/friends or camp along the way. Be smart about food: pack a cooler instead of eating fast-food, your body will thank you too.
  • Find your new home with the right local agent. They should be able to be at your service even if you are a million miles away. They will be the best resource to help you find what you are looking for, give you information about the area, give advice on local resources and attractions, as well as be your advocate when you cannot be present.

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