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Down Payment to Buy a Home

For many people, there’s nothing more exciting than buying a home! Whether the person is a first-time buyer or perhaps they’ve purchased many homes in the past, it’s something that many people get excited and also a bit nervous about. There are many challenges that face a person when buying a home. It is important

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first time home buyer guide

Buying a home for the first time is at the same time exciting and overwhelming. In most situations, it feels like a game of hurry up and wait. Things move super fast, and then at a snail’s pace. The process can be quite frightening for those who don’t understand it. This first time home buyer

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Spring Home Preparation Tips

Even though we don’t want to speak too soon, days are beginning to get longer and we all are starting to think of Spring fever. With that in mind, if you want to get a head start on your spring cleaning or are preparing your home for sale, here are a few spring home preparation

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Relationships with Your Neighbors

How well do you know you neighbors? If you are like most, not at all! There are a numerous reasons why having a relationship with your neighbors can be beneficial to you and your home, but it is always hard taking that first step to introduce yourself to new people. In honor of Valentine’s Day

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Buying Homes In Michigan

The process for buying homes in Michigan is not to different than anywhere, but we want to lay it out for you prospective home buyers so you have a simple, quick guide to light the way to your dream home. The Overall Process for Buying Homes in Michigan Find an Agent that will represent you

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Relocating to Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

There are many reasons a person may choose to relocate their home to another city, state or across the country. If it is for a new job, change in financial situation, growth in family or retirement, if you are relocating to Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, this is the article for you. Tips for Efficiently and

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Real Estate New Year’s Resolutions

As 2017 starts it’s only appropriate for people to want to make positive changes in their lives to better themselves, their jobs, their family’s situation, and so on. Some put plans in place to shed the holiday weight by eating right and hitting the gym. Others build vision boards that show pictures of the places

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Happy Holidays

Season’s Greetings & Happy Holidays, As the Holiday season seems to be flying by, I am reminded of those who have helped me along in my journey of life and profession as your local real estate agent. Clearly I don’t get enough opportunity to personally say “thank you” even though I am thankful every day.

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Holiday Home Selling

There is a common misconception that the best time to sell a home is during the Spring and Summer seasons. And although the weather may be generally better in some areas, holiday home selling has several pros that can get your home sold quickly and for more money. Benefits for Selling Your Home During the

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Winter Home Preparation Tips

Last article we discussed how to prepare the outside of your home for winter, so this week we will cover inside winter home preparation tips to get your home ready for the chilly holiday months. Follow these simple winter home preparation tips to save a bit on energy bills, avoid cold weather wear on your

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