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Spring Home Preparation Tips

Even though we don’t want to speak too soon, days are beginning to get longer and we all are starting to think of Spring fever. With that in mind, if you want to get a head start on your spring cleaning or are preparing your home for sale, here are a few spring home preparation tips to help you get started.

Spring Home Preparation Tips: Outside

  • Inspect your downspouts and gutters, even before the rainy weather stops. Clean them out, especially the “elbows” of the downspouts that tend to clog up with debris. If you notice any that are already cracking or drooping, replace them immediately. Waiting for repairs can cost exponentially more as they can build upon themselves and cause more damage.
  • Take a look at your outdoor furniture. Pull out anything you had in storage and check out the condition of all that was in there and kept outdoors. Then sand, repaint/stain, and repair anything that seems it needs a facelift or could be potentially dangerous.
  • Investigate your outside doors as well as all windows. Clean up any of the build-up or mildew, check to see if you need to re-caulk the windows, repair any door damage, and give your front door a fresh coat of paint for an instant pick-me-up.
  • Take a look at your outside walkways. Repair any cracks and replace any broken or crumbling bricks.
  • Check the condition of your outdoor light bulbs by wiping them all down to clean the layer of grime that had built up over the winter months. Then make sure they are all in working order. If they are not, or seem to be dulling, replace them with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Begin to plan your outdoor landscaping, even if it’s too early to really begin doing any work. Determine what you may be keeping or getting rid of, peruse some of the magazines to get new, fresh ideas to grow upon.

Spring Home Preparation Tips: Inside

  • If you have put your fireplace to use this winter, be sure to get a professional out there to inspect and clean it. Although you may not need it too many times over the year outside the colder months at the end of the year, it is important to do this at the end of the major use. If there has been a major build-up, then you run the risk of causing smoke to come into the home when you use it later.
  • Inspect your air conditioner early, get it fully cleaned, and make sure it is running smoothly. Doing this early may save you a little money, and you will be thanking yourself when there is a heatwave out of nowhere!
  • Start a list of home improvement projects. From new carpet, new exciting colors on the walls, or simply a list of those annoying little things that are not “broken”, not perfect but never have gotten around to it (I am talking to you, squeaky bedroom doors). Getting a plan in place will allow you to get working on them quickly and feel accomplishment once you start checking them all off.

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