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Home Staging Tips

One of the most important things people do before listing a home is taking the time to make it look as big, bright and attractive as possible. Home staging is something experienced real estate agents recommend. Here are 10 home staging tips that will instantly boost the appearance of any home.

#1. Freshen up everything.

Touch up paint, deep clean and replace any damaged flooring. Avoid hiding damage under carpets or with furnishings because it could make the buyer believe the seller is being deceptive.

#2. Remove anything too masculine, feminine or unusual.

Make the home appeal to as many people as possible. Remove lacy curtains and mounted deer heads. Repaint bold colors with neutrals and eliminate art that some may find offensive.

#3. Update the look of appliances.

Apply adhesive stainless steel coverings to older appliances to make them look less dated and more appealing.

#4. Uncover the windows.

Remove the blinds and shades and get rid of heavy drapes. Natural light automatically makes rooms feel larger.

#5. Clean up the entrance.

Replace a rusted mailbox, paint the front door and add shiny, new house numbers. Remove cobwebs and use pots of flowers to make the entrance welcoming.

#6. Give every room a purpose.

Sellers want useful spaces. Turn an empty room into an office or craft area. A simple desk and bookcase make the room seem more functional.

#7. Make everything flow.

Avoid blocking windows or doorways with furniture. Remove all excess furnishings and declutter so people will have access to closets and windows.

#8. Update the furniture.

Stained sofas and battered tables are unsightly. Paint, stain and recover whenever possible. Consider storing personal property and renting furniture for the staging.

#9. Add some attractive accessories.

Clutter is unappealing but empty homes are cold and unwelcoming. Add artwork, place a vase on the mantel and use a few decorative items on tables. Borrow items from family and friends if needed.

#10. Bring in some life.

Use plants and bouquets of flowers here and there for color and freshness. Nothing needs to be elaborate. Even a wildflower arrangement adds a touch of nature.

Borrowing, rearranging and cleaning a home costs very little and has a big visual impact. When someone is ready to sell home staging encourages buyers to make a bid. Look at pictures of room designs in magazines for inspiration about furniture placement and displaying accessories.

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